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Course Type: Online

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This online course commences with building an idea among students of the origin, importance, and use of UI Design in the real world. In this course, you will learn industry-standard theory and methods for developing successful user interfaces (UIs). Upon completing this course, you will have fluency with the user research, prototyping and evaluation techniques necessary for creating intuitive interfaces that facilitate good user experiences. Concepts and techniques covered include structured approaches for helping you understand your user base and their needs (e.g. contextual inquiry and design psychology), widely employed prototyping and design methods (e.g. low-fidelity and paper prototyping), and robust techniques for helping you evaluate your design choices (e.g. heuristic evaluation and user studies). By the end of the course, you will be comfortable applying these concepts and techniques to design an interface for a wide variety of users from around the world. Finally, you will be trained and prepared to start working on both the freelance marketplace and other career opportunities within the field of User Interface Design.

Duration: 2 months (1.5 Months Skill Development & 2 weeks freelancing)

Course Fee: 15,000 BDT

Course Instructor: 

Ornob Sikder
Design Director
Terracotta Red


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A Designer and an Art Director with 8+ years of professional experience in directing multidisciplinary creative teams to design brands, identities, experiences and products for clients- large and small. [...]