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Motion Graphics and Video Editing


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Course Type: Online

Course Details:

After doing this course students will be able to create animation which is a valuable and exciting skill to have. Adobe After Effects is an all in one solution for most of the motion design work. This course is designed to make After Effects easy and fun. Along with that, students will also have basic idea and knowledge about the industry standard video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro. Contents of this course are focused on Motion Graphics, After Effects methods, techniques tips and tricks to create beautiful animations. Students will perform real-world projects and get feedback and direction at every step of the process to evaluate their growth throughout the course.

Duration: 2 months

Course Fee: 20,000 BDT

Course Instructor:

Ahmed Intisher Fardeen

Graphic and Motion Designer



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Mr. Fardeen specializes in motion graphic animation, infographic animation, animated music videos, social media content animation, video editing, illustration, interactive live visual animations and VFX. [...]