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Online IELTS Preparation Crash Course


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The online course commences with preparing students of all origins about the four fundamental modules of IELTS which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. This course will be covering the four modules in depth and providing the necessary resources and preparation that is required for the examination. In turn, students will gain a vast knowledge of how to ace the IELTS exam upon completion of the course that will land them with the recognition of more than 10,000 organisations globally.
1 Month (8 Classes)
Course Fee:
BDT 5,000/- for preparation course
BDT 21,000/- for IELTS examination registration inclusive of preparation course
Rokhsana Akhter Rupee
TESOL Consultant
University Lecturer
Corporate Trainer
Soft-Skills & Wellness Expert


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With 16 years of experience in the educational sector, there is no doubt about the extensive array of skill-sets that Ms. Rokhsana brings to the table. Back in 2005, her role as a Senior Lecturer of a renowned educational institute was only [...]